This website is specifically designed to create a platform for engaging citizens of Nigeria constructively toward nonviolent elections in 2015.

Elections in Nigeria usher in a season of violence, thus, the number of cases of deaths, kidnappings, destruction of public and private properties increases every election season. We are therefore, rolling out this platform to network with Nigerians who truly love this country to build a grassroots support and synergy against violence in the forthcoming elections.

The blog is built for a nonviolent election project being implemented by Academic Associates PeaceWorks (www.aapeaceworks.org.ng ) with funding from Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND) (www.pindfoundation.org ). I

In addition to publishing updates around the elections, updates on all activities being facilitated under the project will be published.

Together we can make the 2015 elections in Nigeria peaceful, free and fair.

We must all shun wahala and say yes to ‘a world of peace’.