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Group Photograph with the President of MOSOP in PH, 3rd March 2015

Advocacy visit to MOSOP President. 

  A cross section of the CSN members, the local government coordinators of Gokana  ,Barisi Badoom,Nabe Lenuaka, state coordinator Stephen Iyama including Asaritoru LGA coordinators Boyle Arola and Livingston Membere…

A cross section of participants at the first Town Hall meeting in Uvwie local government are of Delta state. 
organized by AA PeaceWorks

Communique issued at the end of Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State Town Hall Meeting January 29th, 2015.Toward Nonviolent Elections in the Niger Delta 2015.

  The town hall meeting took place 29th of January 2015 with 164 persons in attendance excluding the LGA Coordinators and it was organized by AA PeaceWorks with funding support…

The 39 coordinators being led in a brainstorming exercise on election violence by Dr. Judith Burdin Asuni, Executive Director, AA PeaceWorks

Toward Nonviolent Elections in the Niger Delta – Training of State and Local Government Coordinators.

AA PeaceWorks facilitated a training programme for the State and Local Government Coordinators identified for the nonviolent election project funded by Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND)….