Town Hall Meetings – Toward nonviolent elections in the Niger Delta 2015

Participants at Warri South Town Hall meeting held 29 January 2015  pledge to shun violence

The first round of Town Hall meetings have begun. Today, AA PeaceWorks facilitated four town hall meetings in Uvwie, Warri South and Warri South West LGAs in Delta State and Southern Ijaw LGA in Bayelsa. 150 participants attended each meeting.

Topics discussed during the Town Hall Meetings include:

  • Voter Education
  • The Role of Citizens in Ensuring Violence-free elections
  • How to Observe and Report Conduct of Election through the Platform
  • Stakeholders Working with INEC and Security
  • Agencies to ensure Violence-free Elections
  • The Nonviolent Election project- social media, video vignettes, radio programmes
  • Identification of any Current Election Violence and Early Warning Signs.

At the end of the meetings, all 150 participants in each town hall meeting – a total of 600 participants including women, men, youths and youth – at – risk, pledged to nonviolence and not to allow themselves to be used for election mago mago.

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  1. I sincerely appreciate this noteworthy action of the group. As the sensitization excercise continues, there is definitely no doubt that the violence rate will drop as self actualization sets in.

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